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Modular Terminal Strips

A new concept in Terminal Strips

Mix and match: A new concept to help solve your packaging problems. Now you can mix terminations with "snap" together modules to provide permanent configurations

Reduce your Inventory

Make up what you want when you want to avoid "dead" stock

Technical Data

Material High impact thermoplastic
Terminal plates Brass, nickel plated
Terminal Tags Brass, tin coated
Screws 6/32 UNC, Binder Head, nickel plated
Rating 15 amps - 750 V d.c. or a.c. peak
Temperature range -55°C to +100°C

RoHS Compliant

holding a modular terminal



Ordering Information

Twin Terminal 2 Way
Twin Terminal 3 Way
Solder Terminal 2 Way
Solder Terminal 3 Way
Joining Segment
End Fix Cover

Twin Terminal
2 Way

R44 38

Twin Terminal
3 Way

R44 41

Drop-Through Solder
Terminal 2 Way

R44 39

Drop-Through Solder
Terminal 3 Way

R44 42

Joining Segment

P44 44

End Fix Cover

Plain - P44 45
Screw Fix - R44 46


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